in a COVID-19 World 

adjusting to normality & beyond

The current pandemic has affected people in profound ways and has caused us in Spa and hospitality to pause and thoughtfully reconsider our ways of doing business. 


Interim management

⩪ financial analysis & strategy planing, forecast, pricing optimization, purchasing 
⩪ process analysis & optimization
⩪ signature treatment development, spa menu & programming, spa etiquette , hygienic standards
⩪ market trends, targeting, authentic look & feel, customer journey, marketing promotion
⩪ staff training on the job
communication, selling skills (EN, DE, HU)

⩪ quality/mystery check &  
interface communication
⩪ spa USP`s & human capital
personalities & teamwork
assistance with spa staff recruitment, interviews, selection 

I am at your disposal for an agreed period of time as a spa operation manager.



⩪ brand evaluation
⩪ unique selling points, brand awareness
⩪ swot analysis, segmentation
pre-opening, market launch, pricing, budget, forecast
⩪ financial analysis
⩪ strategy
⩪ brand positioning
⩪ partnerships
⩪ online marketing
⩪ elements of the audio-visual spa
⩪ social media campaigns
⩪ setting up a health candy shop
⩪ process & quality standards

⩪ acquisition strategy, guest loyalty program
⩪ supplier &  product advices, negotiations
⩪ on going support market trends, customer journey, authentic look & feel 

I am at your disposal to provide you with complete solutions,  adapted to your wishes for an agreed period of time as the spa operations manager.


(re)opening & operating 

Many in the Spa business still face uncertainty around reopening. There are so many layers and complexities to opening & operating a successful Spa in a “normal” world. Operating with the added layer of new COVID-19 protocols can seem extremely daunting.

It’s Soulutionspa’s business to provide guidance on Spa industry standards as well as unique international update about current cutting-edge practices and proper COVID-19 protocols to our clients. Soulutionspa is here to help you reopen and operate safely and give you guidance on every aspect of your Spa business so you can not only survive, but thrive in the spa industry by offering your guests an unmatched level of safety and peace of mind.


 more than 15 years experience
in hospitality & beauty profession

"I got to know you as very ambitious, reliable, economically oriented and structured expert. In addition, you have shown in a short time that you have a great range of knowledge as a specialist. You approach tasks in a targeted and organized manner and you are very motivated."

Doris Schwarzl

"Natalia is a strong marketing & sales strategist and a seldom beauty professional with excellent communication skills in german, hungarian and english. Natalia has very good operation and control of processes and also a very good expert for trainings & events launching our premium products in Austria."

Tamas Szabo 


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