As your consultant I can objectively identify your needs, problems and issues and will be glad to propose and implement solutions.
Consultancy fee doesn’t incur employee costs of payroll, taxes and benefits.
Accomplishing the goals of your project as efficiently and accurately as possible. Hire for a defined scope of work.



⩪ spa fresh up ( software, hardware, purchasing, product advice, optimization pricing)
⩪ communication training for the spa team in EN, DE, HU as well as selling skills
⩪ strategic partnership network ( sustainable, green )
⩪ setting up and monitoring on fb, instagram, YouTube
⩪ optimization customer journey & marketing promotion before check in & after check out
⩪ unique inhouse promotion  
⩪ optimization of daily processes interface communication

⩪ optimization of your spa program, spa menu, daily standards
⩪ developing standards, signature spa ritual, comply with hygienic regulations
⩪ optimization authentic look & feel
⩪ assistance with spa staff recruitment, interviews, selection

I am at your disposal to provide you with solutions for individual sub-areas as well as for complete solutions, adapted to your wishes.  You can hire for a limited time with a defined scope of work.
Quick check (2x4 hrs) first meeting on site provides you with a short analysis which is only due with the order.


Mental health 

Mind and breathe are tools which interface with everything. Learning how to use them to create positive and enduring mental well being is the key.
Create added value
for the everyday life of your guests.
People increasingly seek non-clinical help in coping with everyday mental challenges,
and that’s where your property comes in again. Accompany your guests holistically
over a longer period of time.

Quick check (2x4 hrs) first meeting on site provides you with a short analysis which is only due with the order.


senses & sleep 

Implement products, services, and design that target your guests senses and their mind-body connection. 

Environmental stimuli have a major impact on the mood, stress level and sleep of your guests. 

Sleep is our fountain of youth and our source of energy.

Emotional burdens, stress, fears and conflicts often cause sleep disorders or insomnia.

Coach and lead your guests back to their healthy biological rhythm of their inner clocks - without medication, in harmony with nature. 

Get your unique solution from Soulutionspa®.


self-improvement, meditation, VR 

The implementation of activities associated with self-help and personal development, meditation and mindfulness practices can be presented.  Products and services that support these practices - using connected gadgets, trackers and monitors to support meditation  - and virtual reality technologies can add value for the everyday life of guests.

Targeted training of mental strength helps guests to become more efficient and resilient. 

Get your unique solution from Soulutionspa®.


breathe - swing - float

Create unforgettable memories and experiences and look after your guests in the long term. 

 "Floating" can be one of these unique examples. Through repeated "lounging" our brain re-learns, in a playful way, to control relaxation processes, and thus enables states of consciousness of deep trance-like relaxation phases. 

Repetitions consolidate the neuronal effect of immersing yourself in this trusting, calm state of consciousness and abandoning the "control impulses" that have built up over decades.

Targeted training of mental strength helps guests to become more efficient and resilient.

Get how to float and relax with unique solutions from Soulutionspa®.


botanicals & nutraceuticals

How often do you consciously chose your tea or food for benefit your health? Proving mental health and wellbeing with natural supplements, herbals and botanicals, functional foods and beverages can boost brain health, sleep, memory and energy.  

Keep going paying attention, become more and more aware of individual needs of your guests. How?

Get your unique solution from Soulutionspa®.


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